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Posted by Joanne on March 27, 2002 at 08:39:22:

Interesting how the geo-cultural dimension to honking is so huge. Clearly in places like Charleston (see "manner-less immigrants"),
parts of midwest, Alaska, pristine deer country, and general smalltown USA, honking is not a problem.

The message we can glean from these places seems to be either a) live in nature, far from the possibility of human honking or b) live outside of New York City, where courtesy, patience, and civic good will still mean something.

Clearly, density and personal territory are not verging on sardine-dom in these places. People do not have to stoop to primal, animal means of survival and communication. So, the
behavior perhaps is cultural,i.e. specific to places where people feel land-locked and live in relatively cramped quarters.

Butttt...I wouldn't completely BLAME THE HONKER. Or say that all Brooklynites are innately rude, gruff people. That's absurd! This is a whole new strain of backlash. Are honkers themselves to blame, or the cars & traffic which comes from lots of cars. What about about city planning, policy, etc.?

Behavior takes place within a cultural context. I think it behooves us to examine that context before throwing out the Brooklynite with the bathwater.

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