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Posted by gavin on March 19, 2002 at 12:26:18:

on aarons suggestion, I'm posting my email to him...

Aaron - my partner just sent me to - i cant
believe you exist, & I'm thrilled.

I'm an australian living in NYC (we've got a lot of
space out there), and i HATE the arrogant honking of
the people you described in the NPR next big thing

I hate cab honking, i tip them % less depending on how
much they honk.

I constantly think up ways to address people who honk.
I nearly started a fight in the Lower East Side when a
bunch of cars were honking, so I honked verbally in a
constant honk-scream back at them, while sitting on a
stoop on the side of the street & smiling happily. The
traffic wasnt moving, the honking was completely
ineffective, yet they hurled abuse at me for yelling
my honk back at them. It was really strange.

Here's my previous ideas - a small toy pistol that
shoots paint pellets that are removable if you SCRUB
for an hour.

Stickers that say "I am a honker", "I honk way too
much", "I break the law by my honking in NYC" - you
could stick them in the back of cabs where you see the
city maps or even run up to cars & stick them on the
trunk - if they were removable, you'd have no problems
- make them available to buy on your website maybe??

A website that allows people to report a honker. ENTER
car/cab licence plate, type of vehicle, colour, time,
date, your details, if you were in the cab, do you
have the cab medallion no, would you be prepared to
make a formal legal signed statement, - this then gets
automatically faxed to the Limo commission & police
station. Done. At least you've made a complaint.

Anyway, keep up the poetry & creative ways to get the
silence back!

Gavin White

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