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Gruesome hit and run
fatalities up ahead
how awful - I'm late.

Alaska's melting -
hope your Yukon Denali
doubles as a boat.

When the light turns green
like a leaf on a spring wind
the horn blows quickly.

There are only three
types of drivers - the insane,
the morons, and me.

April signs of spring -
nesting doves, blossoming trees
blood-spattered roadkill.

Need a few days off
after Sunday night drive from
the vacation house.

Drove six hours to
the Mall of America
got some McNuggets.

Washington D.C.
capitol of the free world
and of potholes too

Silicon Valley
10% unemployment
traffic's much better.

Sharp turn to the right -
60-ounce Super Big Gulp
winds up in my shoe.

According to the news
it's another "bad air" day
so try not to breathe.

LAX pick up
Danté never mentioned this
tenth circle of hell.

My Ford Explorer
on a never-ending quest
for a parking spot.

Highway signs tell of
food, gas, lodging and pervert -
an Amber Alert!

Atlanta traffic
easy to see why Sherman
burned this city down.

The forest's burning
but don't worry - we've still got
the Toyota Sequoia.

For maximum entertainment value, try reading some of these with the accent of Mr. Miyagi from the movie Karate Kid.

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