Update: Fri. 3/1/02

As usual, I awoke this morning at about 6:00 am to the sound of horn blasts directly outside my window. I guess there are some advantages to the traffic noise. For example, I no longer have to set an alarm clock.

Friday mornings are usually the worst on Clinton Street. Just insane honking from about 5:30am through 9:00am. Every time the light cycles, the cars honk -- about every 90 seconds or so. The honking picks up again around lunch time, during the evening rush hour and finally in the late evening near midnight when impatient cabbies are making their way back to Manhattan after dropping off Brooklyn fares. For some reason, the honking this morning actually wasn't so bad. It's a little bit like the weather -- you never know. I've actually come to take the honking as a measure of the overall stress of the city. Right here on the corner of Clinton and Pacific in what should and could be beautiful Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, you can tell how stressed out everyone is in Midtown Manhattan. If Manhattan's the sick and belabored heart of New York City, here are the clogged arteries.

Hey... if you want to write your own honku, discuss traffic noise or any other issues affecting us here in Cobble Hill and downtown Brooklyn, go to the LampPost and post some messages. I bet that the traffic problems of Cobble Hill are solvable problems if just a few of us get together to work on solving them. I used to not think it was worth the time and energy, but now I do.

For example, last night there was a Community Board 6 Transportation Committee meeting where the Brooklyn Traffic Calming project was being discussed. The Traffic Calming Project could use a lot of help, folks. The Department of Transportation really seems to be watering it down....