4/11/03: Ironic Traffic

Is anyone else getting the sense that there's an increasing disconnect between the daily reality of schlepping through traffic and the automotive dreamscape sold to us during Shock & Awe Show commercial breaks?

More and more I get the feeling that TV car commercials are impossible to parody -- the actual ad campaigns are parodies of themselves. Take the GMC Yukon Denali, for example. On TV the Yukon stands alone and exultant atop a pristine, snowy mountaintop. Back here in reality, however, the House of Representatives just voted to drill the Yukon for more oil for our Yukons, the emissions from our Yukons are melting the Yukon, and once you buy your Yukon it will never, ever be alone atop some mountain in the Yukon. Most of the time it's going to be stuck on an "expressway," hemmed in by equally ironic traffic: Avalanches, Tahoes and Expeditions on slow-rolling adventures to nowhere.

So, how is a guy supposed to make fun of the Yukon when the actual marketing is, in itself, the best parody?!
I suppose with a honku...