12/7/02: Low-Intensity Conflict

If ever I saw a post-milennial American vehicular phenomenon in need of a good Headline Honku or two, the IbisTek SUV is it. If you don't know how the Headline Honku game is played, take a look at last week's update. People wrote some truly great honku in response to the news story about the Greyhound bus that was pulled over by cops in New Jersey after the driver announced he was going to be taking the passengers to "the Taliban" if they didn't sit down, shut up, and stop bothering him. Here's one of my favorites, posted by Marty:

Someone call the cops
I boarded the talibus
and now i want off

If you're up for another round of Headline Honku, read the press release below (I can't remember exactly where I saw it first), take a look at the photos and try -- I dare you -- to sum it all up in 17 syllables:

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

High-performance Stealth Vehicles with Remote Control Weapons and Sensor Control Systems
The Viper ushers in a new generation of mobile protection and reconnaissance vehicle, built to meet the rapid deployment requirements of today's security forces. The Cobra and Viper Security Vehicles provide a stealth platform able to respond with decisive fire power. Whether you are protecting a head-of-state, engaged in peace-keeping, or involved in low-intensity conflict, the Cobra and Viper Security Vehicles should be part of your team.